Scheduling fun?

Laissez le bon temps roulez!I’m asking a question, but I’m not sure I’ll understand any responses I’ll get.

A long time ago, I wrote this post: Mommy, why don’t you smile anymore?

I was doing a psych eval for clearance for a surgery I hope to have some time this coming summer, and the shrink said, “You don’t know how to relax, do you?” Why no. No, I don’t. I don’t remember the last time I had actual fun that didn’t involve guilt for being unproductive.

Twittercrank linked me to this: Young/Old. I’m some depressing amalgam of each. I have a comfort zone. Some of those things I can violate. Some I can’t. Depends on the day and time of the month.

I was cruising Pinterest (as I do) (does gorging on eye candy qualify as fun?) (especially if I feel guilty for the DIY projects I’m not getting done?), and I saw this: How to plan for a busy week {college students}. Doesn’t apply just to college students. On the poster’s “must-do” list is to have fun (paraphrasing).

How does one do this?

I scheduled a fun night out with a friend who had a conflict at the last minute. I didn’t go. The fun part was having a friend to go to a thing who would also enjoy it. Dude offered to take a night off and go with me, but he would have hated every second of the three hours, and who wants to put their spouse through that, especially if they have to take time off work to do it?

Went out with Dude yesterday for lunch. Was it fun? Well, I enjoy being with Dude and I like the restaurant’s food and it was calming and relaxing, but is that fun?

I don’t find the same things fun that my kids do. WTF is fun? What is the concept of fun? Am I fun-deficient? Do I not know how to have fun? Rather, do I not know how to have fun with other people? Am I not paying attention? Is my attention span really that short?

Or have I just gotten so cynical that I’ve lost some sense of wonder about life? (Hint: This is the correct answer.) What I want, really, is to be able to laugh with my kids and husband and have fun with them.

Suggestions? How can I scale back my cynicism? How can I scale back my sense of guilt for not being productive constantly? How can I expand my narrow lifestyle’s worldview to fun so I can laugh with my kids? And, well, what is “fun”?

Road. Hell. Intentions.

So for the last 2 years I’ve been collecting recipes for plain cleaners and wanting to go “green” and cheap, and have done nothing. Nothing! I tell you. I am ashamed.

At least we have our 72-hour kits and a good supply of food laid in (but what WE have depends on electricity, yipes). I also have Amy Dacyczyn’s book, The Tightwad Gazette, and there are all sorts of resources online to help pare down.

It’s time for the Mojo-Dude Family to turn Yank: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

First thing to go: Water cooler and associated water delivery service.

Second thing: Homemade cleaners, coming right up! No more Scrubbing Bubbles or Simple Green, no matter how much I love thee.

Third thing: Homemade bribes for the Tax Deductions. No more “if you eat your dinner, I’ll let you have a [insert store-bought treat here].” This means I will have to, uhm, bake. I’m not a bad cook, nor a bad baker. I don’t loathe and despise and spit upon the act of baking, either. I just don’t care for it much. Today’s bribery stock-up baking: goodie cookies also known as Russian tea cakes.

There’s a moral in this somewhere…

Tax Deduction #2: Mama, after I eat my lunch, may I have candy?

Me: Yes.

TD#2 eats lunch. Carefully chooses a piece out of his bag of Halloween candy. Oh, goodie. Chewy Fireballs.

Me: Are you sure about this?

TD#2: Uh huh.

Chomp. Big eyes. Tears. Wail.

TD#2: Mama, tongue!

Me: Yeah, it’s hot, hunh? That’s cinnamon.

TD#2: Simmum for toas’.

Me: For candy, too. Want me to throw that away?

TD#2: No.

Chomp. Big eyes. Tears. Wail.

TD#2: Mama, hurts mouf!

Me: Yeah, I know. Are you sure you don’t want me to throw that away? Mama doesn’t like them, either.

TD#2: No.

Chomp. Big eyes. Tears. Wail.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Kansas City: Comfort food

Yeah, I’m on a KC kick lately. This post is prompted by the search phrase “kielbasa kansas city.” Heh. Do I know where to point you.

Peter May House of KielbasaPeter May’s House of Kielbasa, on the east side, just west of I-435, a few blocks south
of the Truman Road Viaduct. (In the Sheffield neighborhood—click the pic.)

Peter May’s House of Kielbasa
1654 Bristol Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64126
(816) 231-9850

I pimped a bunch of businesses in The Proviso, amongst them:

Peter May’s, Tasso’s Greek restaurant, Strawberry Hill povitica, Bryant’s, and Planter’s. (Mind, this does not mean I don’t like Gates, because I do, but I had to cut the scene in Gates, ’cause, damn, this book is huge.)

So. Peter May has precious little web presence. I’ve suggested they get a website and set up mail order because they are genius, but alas. Go there. Have much gastronomical orgasming.