A thingymajig out of the blue

I was going through some sewing notions that a friend gave me when I found this:

Apparently it was a thing in the ’80s (never saw one then) and is now “vintage.” ’Scuse you, internet. The ’80s was just 4 years ago.

I was googling it to find out about it when I came across Galen Leather and its catalog of wonderful and esoteric things! You know how much I love good craftsmanship. And then, then … I saw this:


But it’s a frivolity and we are in a position to eschew frivolities at the moment.

Still … my birthday’s coming up and I wanted to give Dude a heads-up as to something he could get me relatively inexpensively (I thought) that I really wanted. What I didn’t know was that it was coming from Turkey (shipping ain’t cheap)!

Anyhoo, he didn’t wait for my birthday (silly man 🤪) and so this happened:

The craftsmanship at every level is exquisite. The box is heavy, tidy kraft. The logo is lovely. The pouch that the coffee and tea packets come in is fine cloth. The envelope that the protractor is in is heavy embossed cardstock (almost chipboard). Everything about this is lovely and perfect.

Protractor: 10/10 cannot regret frivolousness

Husband: 10/10 would marry again

Keepsakes and Reddit

the perfect penI haven’t written much. I don’t know what I can say that I haven’t said before ad nauseam, and yet, I always forget I said it and continue to say it—at least, elsewhere. In my journals (dating back 21 years), in my doodles (dating back 30), in the two internet communities I participate in now.

My family is preparing to move house and I’m going through stuff. I’m going through my mementos and keepsakes and wondering, “Why am I keeping this?” I won’t Konmari my house, but I will Konmari my keepsakes. “What brings me joy?” Most of it I can’t even remember or remember why I have it. A few pieces are from people from whom I have parted bitterly.

What’s on paper that I have not already digitized, I’m scanning and then I’ll shred. I’ve been reading some of it. I really don’t need all that negativity in my life right now, but it’s important to keep it because it reminded me that I am still the same person, dealing with the same issues, doing the same things I’ve always done using the same coping mechanisms I’ve always used. I went to see a therapist yesterday. He gave me a new tool.

But sometimes … just sometimes … I say stuff on Reddit. Reddit asks interesting questions that make me want to say things I haven’t said before. I don’t really care to have my comments either downvoted or buried in a very long and popular thread to which I am late, so I’ll put them here and say something new for once.

Maybe I’ll even post some things I’ve written in the last 20 years.

God is a terrible matchmaker

God is a terrible matchmaker.

He was, I mean, once upon a time when he started playing with dolls. He looked down on my team’s handiwork and said, “There’s something missing.” He told Michael and Lilith to go wander around and see if they could figure out what.


God saw Michael and Lilith walking around, said, “That’s it,” and there he went playing in the mud. Meanwhile, he told Michael and Lilith to name the animals and plants and oh by the way, do this thing right here so I can see how it all fits together.

They did that thing. Right there.

They didn’t stop doing that thing.

“Okay, I got it. You can stop now.” Read more