Vanessa & Eric

Vanessa Whittaker: 27. Model for Ford painting Wild, Wild West, cover girl chef of Maxim and Esquire, celebrity TV chef of Vittles: Gourmet Weeds and Roadkill. Despite success, fame, and two infamous, gorgeous, and exquisite lovers, Vanessa still can’t shake the memory of the teenage bad boy who made her little-girl heart flutter.
Eric Cipriani: 32. A reformed bad boy headed into politics via an impeccable education from a religious university and a talent for management. He has a made-for-politics fiancée, a healthy side business, and the most powerful people in the midwest behind him—then he runs into all-grown-up Vanessa, the woman who made it all possible.
How often do you get to revisit your first crush?
Body by American Kenpo and golf.

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