1: The Boy is Back in TownMina Monroe sets eyes on recently returned missionary Mitch Hollander
2: SlummingMina catches Mitch’s eye. It gets really ugly really quickly.
3: Pretty Little HeadThere’s only one thing Mina Monroe is good for, and her father intends to prove it to her.
4: The Great EscapeHey, let’s elope!
5: Mrs Hollander Stakes Her ClaimBecause no woman likes to be confronted with her husband’s first love.
6: Released from PrisonMina is finally released from the body that held both her and Mitch captive.


1: Starry Starry EyesThe beginning of Cassie’s travails.
2: SoldCassie realizes she’s been turned into a whore.
3: Let Freedom RingCassie sets her life on fire and runs for cover.
4: To Live and Die in a Man’s ArmsCassie falls in love with the only other man in her life who could break her heart.
5: The ExecutorCassie cuts the deal that will protect her and her family from those who would like to see her disappear.

• • •

AdrestiaIn which Greg Sitkaris succumbs to Giselle’s sunny disposition.