The Dunham Crew

The major players in Dunham.
The Honourable Miss Celia Jacqueline Bancroft, aka Captain “Calico” Jack, aka Captain Fury
Fleet Commander Elliott Raxham aka Earl Tavendish aka Captain Judas Iscariot [and now you know where the ubiquitous Dunham ice blue eyes came from…]
Baroness Hylton, Lady Marianne Bancroft
A VERY young Captain James Dunham, would-be Laird Dunham of Clan Dunham.
Dowager Lady Tavendish
Baron Hylton, Nathan Bancroft, Admiral in His Majesty’s Navy
Dr. Rafael Covarrubias, Count Covarrubias
Camille Raxham
Solomon aka Dr. al Ibrahim, who is usually not quite this happy (or ever) and a bit older. He wears a white kurta, white pajamas, and a white turban.
Captain Maarten Gjaltema aka “the Hollander”

Miss Georgina Mocksling
Suniyya al Ibrahim
Kit (coming soon)
Leftenant Smith (coming soon)
Captain Cambridge Bull (coming soon)
Bataar (coming soon)
Leftenant Papadakos (coming soon)
Lucien Bancroft (coming soon)
Lord Rathbone (coming soon)

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