2004: Knox Hilliard’s uncle killed Knox’s father to marry his mother and keep Knox’s inheritance. Knox and his cousins Sebastian and Giselle are out for vengeance, but somewhere along the way they find allies—and love.
2009: Vanessa’s a celebrity chef carrying a childhood crush. Eric’s a career politician racked by gratitude and regret. They’re bound by history but separated by careers and distance. So much baggage, so little in common. Can they make it work? Is it worth it?
2011: Widowed Mormon bishop and steel magnate Mitch meets corporate restructuring specialist Cassie St. James, a former prostitute. As they navigate a relationship, they work together to stop a man who’s destroying everything Mitch holds dear.
It’s 1780. American privateer Captain Fury and British pirate Captain Judas share a kiss that leads to a tavern brawl, but their common enemy—King George III—keeps them fighting to make a life together on the American frontier.
1996: Victoria, an American professor in Sevilla, Spain, moonlighting as a nightclub singer meets Emilio, a smooth Spanish matador moonlighting as a chemist. She makes him laugh. He solves her problems. They’re just friends—right up until the first kiss.
2010: After twenty years, five kids, world renown, and a multimillion-dollar business, Étienne and Tess call it quits because at some point, love just isn’t enough anymore—until it’s the only thing they have left.
1995: Music professor Lydia and culturally illiterate bond trader Jack are the least likely people to feel instant attraction, much less plan a weekend romp moments after meeting. It would have been a fun vacation fling if not for almost getting murdered.
2016: Single-mother Blythe had to depend on Finn, her terrifying father-in-law, to pull her through her husband’s death. Six years, countless dinners, kids’ activities, and a successful career later, there is nothing between them but friendship and respect. Nothing at all.
1929: In Kansas City during Prohibition, Trey Dunham only wants two things out of life: money and respectability. And he doesn’t care how he gets them.
2022: A spoiled brat party girl gets a lesson in life from a man who values hard work over wealth, which changes her life. Tia doesn’t expect to see Vachel ever again—and she would really rather not.
1420: Newly made English Earl Grimme Kyneward must wed a noblewoman—quickly. Time is of the essence, so Grimme abducts one. Except … Brigdhe is the wrong bride—or is she? Together, Grimme and Brigdhe must defeat an evil duke who covets everything Grimme loves.

Series OrderChronological Order
The Proviso, #1Black as Knight (1420-1422)
Stay, #2Dunham (1776 - 1786)
Twenty-dollar Rag, #2.51520 Main (1929 - 1931)
Magdalene, #3Paso Doble (1996)
Dunham, The PastBlack Jack (1996 - 1998)
Paso Doble, LaMontagne #1The Proviso (2004 - 2009)
We Were Gods, Lamontagne #2Stay (2009 - 2011)
Black JackWe Were Gods (2010)
Lion’s ShareMagdalene (2010 - 2011)
1520 Main, The LegendLion’s Share (2016)
Black as Knight, Kenard #1Twenty-dollar Rag (~2022)