Libertarian artists to support

I was chatting with a Twitter friend about the need to make libertarian artists more visible, so here I am, starting a list. These are NOT the usual suspects.

Put names, links, format/medium, and genre in comments. You can tweet me too. @MoriahJovan and/or use #LibertarianArtists.

Travis J I Corcoran, author, Amazon, Twitter @MorlockP

Ball State University, film, documentary, Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth, Twitter @MyName_IsJohn

Oblivion Entertainment, game developer, Twitter @OblivionEnt, Twitter @LinvalaTepes, Twitter @Kain_Tepes

Adri & Casper Pretorius, pyrographer (drawing with fire), Twitter @MsMakita

Robert McCarroll, author, Amazon

neovictorian, author, Sanity, the Novel, Twitter @neovictorian23

Anderson Gentry, author, Amazon

Joey Bags, metal worker, Instagram @03metalworks

The Melvins, rock band, website, Twitter @melvinsdotcom

Harald Baldr, video travelogue creator, YouTube

Emily Red, author, Amazon, Twitter @Emily30Red

DavisCreates, photography, graphic design, illustration, DavisCreates

Terry Maggert, author, Amazon, Twitter @TerryMaggert


2 thoughts on “Libertarian artists to support

  • April 12, 2023 at 11:57 pm

    Hi Moriah,

    Just listened to you on Tom Woods. I’m an artist/illustrator in Toms School of Life working on making a children’s book. I want to make this my career. This episode felt like it was tailor made for me. Can we get in touch? I need a lot of help and advice!

    • April 13, 2023 at 9:47 am

      Sure! My email is moriah at moriahjovan dot com.


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