We Were Gods

We Were Gods (A Dunham Novel) coverWE WERE GODS
Tales of Dunham: LaMontagne 2
a companion to Paso Doble
© 2014 by Moriah Jovan
110,000 words (414 pages)

After a 20-year marriage and five children, teenage sweethearts Étienne and Tess LaMontagne had burnt out. Tess, once a brilliant architect, was exhausted, drained of energy and vision, and no longer building with her engineer husband. Étienne was feeling trapped and frustrated by a life that had taken a direction he had not wanted and missing the vivacious, creative woman he had married.

Five years after their bitter divorce forced each to experience life on their own, Étienne is drawn home to rescue his oldest daughter. Tess, having brilliantly revived her career, is also dealing with a sick child. When her latest project and their children’s crises bring Étienne and Tess face to face, they must decide whether they want to reunite, and if so, how to overcome the issues they’d run from years before—

—because even separated by distance and time, they never stopped loving each other, never stopped wanting. It’s just that sometimes, love isn’t enough.

Until it’s the only thing they have left.

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We Were Gods (Tales of Dunham: LaMontagne #2) Excerpt by Moriah Jovan



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