Dirty Little Secrets

Elder KenardBryce’s conflicted sexuality manifests early.
Jordache JeansGiselle, Sebastian, and Knox as teenagers at church.
Atlas ShruggedSebastian’s mother and father have at it about money. Again.
Remington SteeleGiselle’s karate isn’t sufficient to ward off this attack. [2017-01-23]
25 to LifeKnox’s innocence vanishes the night he turns to vigilante justice—and sets him firmly on the road to madness.
John 3:16Knox goes off his rocker completely.
The Stone Was Rolled AwayWhat could possibly bring Leah back to Knox?
July 14, 2001The fires.
47th & BroadwayThe night Giselle got blood on her hands.
The Law of Unintended ConsequencesThe dismantling of Jep Industries.
Drs. Cox and DumbassGiselle and Knox can’t help indulging their public personae.
CinderellaFen and Sebastian have a bonding moment after Giselle flees the art gallery, Bryce hot on her heels.
The Long GoodbyeThe day Knox was “forced” to hire Justice.
Tired of Being MeThe blackest day of Knox’s life.
BeatitudesEilis returns to her roots—and it hurts. [2016-12-06]
Sexual HarassmentKnox and Justice finally find a way to settle their knock-down-drag-outs.
BeltaneSebastian and Eilis get married.
Missa SolemnisThe reading of Fen Hilliard’s will.
Walkaway JoeRachel Wincott turns up like a bad penny — or maybe not so bad after all. [2013-11-07]
The Married ManThese people are really possessive. [2013-06-07]
GhostHamlet’s father speaks from the dead. [2013-12-29]