Sexual Harassment


Justice was still steaming from her and Knox’s shouting match this morning over … nothing, really. At least, not about her tardiness.

If you want to wear my clothes, buy me some more. I don’t have any white shirts this morning and I have court.

So wear a blue one.

I don’t like blue ones and I have court and juries don’t like me in dark colors and I’m not going to wear a blue shirt under a gray suit and my gray shirts don’t match my suits right.

Wear your pink one then.

I would if you hadn’t fucking worn it!

Does it make any difference at all that I like you in black?

Only after five o’clock. Are you listening to me? IUSTITIA.

I can’t help but listen to you. The whole neighborhood can hear you.

I’m yelling because I don’t want to lose my fucking trial, which I frequently did when I wore dark suits. Shit, that’s why I hire fucking jury consultants. Quit taking clothes from my fucking trial closet.

Well, okay. It was her fault. She had run him out of white shirts—and his sole pink one—over the weekend and yes, she did know that juries didn’t like him in black. He tended to roar in court and when he wore black, he came off as three-quarters deranged.

Which was the way she liked him best.

She just hadn’t … thought about it. Didn’t she get brownie points for wanting to wear his clothes?

Right about the time she got to work and decided to apologize to him, she walked into the courthouse and noticed the kinds of stares she hadn’t garnered since she first began working in Chouteau County. Then she heard random snickers here and there.

She stopped cold. Her nostrils flared and she looked around, her eyes narrowed, at the various county employees, who couldn’t keep their amusement to themselves.


She saw Hadley, the trooper responsible for all of this, out of the corner of her eye. He smirked at her, not apologetic in the least bit. She curled her lip at him and he burst out laughing.

“Oh, I see. They got your memo, but not mine.”

“Can’t help that, Justice. News doesn’t travel that fast. You should be thanking me because look what you got out of it.”

She flipped him off, making sure he could see her wedding ring—what she’d gotten out of his gossiping. He howled again, but turned away when the radio on his shoulder blipped his name.

Yet … a wedding ring, a showdown with Fen, a night spent snuggling and kissing apparently didn’t count when it came to Knox’s trial closet.


“You’re late,” Knox snapped when she walked into the office.

“Am not,” she snapped back. “I’m exactly on time.”

“I want you in my office in five minutes.”

Justice rolled her eyes when his office door slammed behind him. Everyone in the office was busy, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t spare a second to chuckle, especially now that the secret was out.

At least amongst the attorneys in the office. Everybody else must still think Knox and Justice were having an affair.

She dumped her things and went to Knox’s office, opened the door, saw him standing behind his desk, looking down, sorting through papers.

In a black suit. Gray shirt. Ice blue tie that matched his eyes, which she’d found and bought for him.

His hair looked more pale against the black, a light gold.

God, he was hot.

She closed the door.


He looked up at her, a menacing scowl on his face. That wasn’t new.

He approached her like a lion, golden, predatory, hungry. That wasn’t new.

He stopped inches away from her and wrapped his hands around her hips, gathering the fabric up as he slid his hands up and over them to her waist. That wasn’t exactly new, but her breath caught.

“Are you going to stop wearing my clothes or buy me new ones?” he growled as the hem of her dress collected at her waist, over his wrists.

“Neither. Not if you’re forced to dress like that everyday,” she returned, her chin rising. “I like it. If you want to dress in gray, buy your own surplus.”

“Fine,” he snarled. “Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I’m going to put you up against that wall behind us and fuck you.”

That was new.

“You never fuck.”

“I do today,” he growled.

“Fine,” she snapped, thoroughly, unexpectedly aroused and so glad that she’d chosen to wear stockings instead of pantyhose.

Knox grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard, angrily. She returned it with the fire that had been burning in her all morning. He turned them around and backed her up against the wall. Lifting her, he wrapped her legs loosely around his waist and leaned her back against the wall. He undid his trousers, and she pushed her panties aside.

As an afterthought, she dipped two fingers inside herself, gathering her juices and offered them to Knox, watching him as he stared right back at her, licking her fingers slowly, savoring each drop. Then she was slammed flat against the wall as he drove inside her.

Justice moaned, her eyes closing, her head tilting back against the wall to enjoy the ride. She smiled. Knox’s left hand was braced against the wall and his right hand cupped her ass as he thrust fast and hard; her fingers raked through his hair to hold him tight to her skin. He feasted on her collarbone, her throat, her neck, her—

“Knox— Oh, shit.”

Justice’s head snapped up and her eyes popped open. Knox’s head whipped around.

Eric, his hand on the doorknob and his jaw on the floor, was being rapidly flanked by Richard, Patrick, Dirk, and a cadre of officers and attorneys, staring at them with varying degrees of shocked glee.

“GET OUT!” Knox finally bellowed when no one seemed inclined to budge.

The door slammed and all was quiet. Knox’s blond head dropped down on Justice’s chest.

“Knox,” she whispered desperately. “Don’t stop, please. I’m almost there.”

His head snapped up again to look her in the eye, and his mouth twitched. She sucked in a deep breath when his cock twitched inside her, responding to her request.

“Are you going to howl like you do at home?” he asked breathlessly as he slowly worked up to his previous rhythm.

She sighed and closed her eyes. “Do you want me to?”

“It would be nice of you to throw a bone to the dogs on the other side of the door.”

“You’re such a perv.”

“Yes, and I’ve trained you well.”

She laughed and opened her eyes, staring down at his gorgeous face. “We need to have angry sex more often.”

“I agree. Can you manage to be pissed off before we get home?”

“Doubt—” and she gasped as she felt herself opening and clenching, sensation blossoming between her legs and spreading up through her belly.

She moaned instead of howled—couldn’t help it—but she was pretty sure it was heard through the door because the laughter of several men echoed back at her.

“You,” he whispered into her mouth as he kissed her long, slow, and deep after he had emptied himself into her with a hoarse groan, “make me feel like a randy teenager messing around in the back seat of a car.”

“The captain of the football team messing around with a freshman under the bleachers after the game, you mean?”

“Oh, I like that.”

“Richard gets the credit for that.”

Knox set her down and they worked on finding napkins and such to clean themselves up. In the middle of this effort, Justice started to giggle. Then Knox began to chuckle.

“Well, Iustitia, you got me in a black suit at work. Happy now?”

“Yes. And I got caught fucking my boss.” He glanced at her, a question in his face. “Well, okay, I liked it. Arrest me.”

“You know I don’t like kink.”

“You left the door unlocked. I’m thinking I could get you in handcuffs yet.”


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