Black as Knight – Grimme and Brìghde Chapter 18

Grimme stormed out of Brìghde’s room and slammed the door behind him, then stalked up the stairs and down the hallway to the second door on the right and opened it to find Maebh and Ardith asleep. He slammed the door closed, which jolted both of them awake.

“Lord Grimme,” Maebh yawned, rubbing her eyes.

“My lord,” came the breathless voice of the blonde maidservant who’d offered herself whilst putting Brìghde’s chambers to rights. He looked at her standing naked in the threshold of the antechamber. He pointed to the bed.

She skittered across the floor and snatched a pillow, gave him a sultry look, and strolled toward him, her hips swaying temptingly. She dropped the pillow on the floor in front of Grimme, knelt, eased his hose down to his knees and took him in her mouth.

Grimme shoved his fingers in her hair and dropped his head back to feel her mouth, working his cod. He grunted with his release, shooting his seed straight down her throat.

He opened his eyes and slowly tilted his head forward to see her on her knees in front of him, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes. He loved blue eyes.

With a slight gesture, the maid arose and undressed him slowly, caressing him lightly all over the way he liked, the way that made him wish he could purr like a cat because the delightful shivers were absolutely luxurious. Soon he stood in the middle of her room with not a stitch on and his cod was still hard and ready for more.

She leaned toward him for a kiss, but he put his hand in her face and pushed her away. Not after she’d swallowed his seed. She pouted and he raised an eyebrow that commanded her to back away.

“Come, then,” she whispered, taking his hand and leading him to his women’s bed. He lay upon his back and allowed Maebh and Ardith to caress him, to play with his hair, to nigh put him to sleep, but soon Maebh’s hand was ’round his cod, stroking him, rousing him from his near-slumber. He linked his hands behind his head and watched her climb on, slowly easing his cod up into her. She burdened his hips with her entire weight and she sighed, rolling her hips around, her head back. His cod was hard as a rock.

Ardith leaned down to kiss him and he did so for a long time, reaching up to fondle her breasts whilst Maebh slowly pleasured herself upon his cod. Ardith broke the kiss and climbed over Grimme’s chest only enough for him to suck her nipples. She whimpered when Grimme slid his hand up under her and entered her with his fingers. Maebh set the rhythm on his cod and he followed it to fuck Ardith with his hand. Then he withdrew, leaving her wanting, but she was not close to release just yet.

She twisted and arose and straddled Grimme with her arse facing him so she and Maebh could embrace and kiss with a passion Grimme could never muster for any of his women, not even Emelisse.

He knew his women swived with each other when they were in need and he was not. He even suspected Ardith’s and Maebh’s feelings for each other were far more than any feeling either of them had for him. He would not fulfill all their needs, nor did he have to. They were here for him, not he for them.

Maebh broke free of Ardith’s embrace and arched her back, riding Grimme’s cod with fury, gasping, clenching, crying out. Ardith sucked her nipples as she gained her release—loudly.

Yet Grimme was not satisfied. “Move,” he commanded. She wasn’t quite finished yet, but he didn’t care. She climbed off and Ardith immediately took her place, Maebh’s juices providing the slickness she had not yet attained. She began to rock slowly, and Maebh turned to suckle Ardith’s nipple, which made her gasp, and slid her hand down to fondle Ardith’s nymph.

It would take forever for Ardith to get her release, which was her own concern after Grimme had gotten his. He could fuck them both all night and did, frequently.


Ardith dismounted immediately and Grimme rolled off the bed to allow the women to arrange themselves, Maebh on her back, her legs splayed, Ardith between her knees, her back arched and her arse in the air. Ardith dove into Maebh’s muff whilst Grimme climbed back onto the bed on his knees and impaled Ardith. He did not find Ardith’s cunte particularly satisfying, so he impaled her where he would get the most satisfaction.

She cried out, but Maebh was getting her release and shoved Ardith’s mouth back to her nymph.

Grimme pumped viciously, gritting his teeth, throwing his head back, now reaching for his release. It finally came and he rammed himself into Ardith, who cried out again. Or was it Maebh? He didn’t remember. He didn’t care.

He withdrew and went to the dish of water to clean his cod thoroughly whilst his women continued to fuck. Presently he dropped into a chair and slouched there to watch, his leg draped over the arm. He looked across the room to the maidservant who was looking at him with hunger, and came eagerly when he pointed to the floor in front of him, dropping to her knees and immediately putting his flaccid cod in her mouth.

It would be a while before it would rise again, but he liked the feel of a mouth on him and he wasn’t too particular about which woman’s mouth it was. She worked and worked and worked, and he simply relaxed, looking off into the darkness, thinking about his household.

Brìghde thought he was naïve for believing the four women he was bedding could live under the same roof without strife. To be truthful, he’d never really given it a lot of thought. He would fuck whomever he pleased and the women he supported were free to leave at any time. He didn’t know what they would do, but he was not keeping them hostage.

Did they get along?

Mayhap. Mayhap not. But they managed. Throughout the years, Emelisse had made her displeasure at having to share him known, but she didn’t have a choice if she wanted his attentions, and she had from the first time she’d seen him, surreptitiously watching him in a rare bath his patron knight had ordered for him.

She had taken him that night and they had been nigh inseparable from then on.

Except Grimme was a randy cur and when Emelisse grew heavy with babe, he sought somewhere to bury his cod. Enter Ardith.

Emelisse had thrown a fit when she caught him midstroke, but, undaunted, he told her if she wanted his cod ever again, she’d sit down, shut up, and watch. That was when she realized that if she’d hoped for a biddable boy who could be commanded by his cod and a beautiful twenty-year-old woman, she’d bedded the wrong fifteen-year-old.

Presently he noticed that the maidservant had managed to make his cod rise again. He looked over at Maebh and Ardith who were cuddled up in bed, fondling each other, kissing, and watching.

He didn’t force the maidservants to pleasure him if they did not make it clear they wanted to. This one was particularly talented with her mouth and she was Maebh’s maidservant for this purpose. Grimme was not the only one in these chambers she pleasured. Maebh was a lusty wench and would fuck all day long if she could.

He had one rule for all his women: They were not to fuck other men. He didn’t care if they fucked. He would not to raise some other man’s spawn. The moment one of his women fucked another man, they would be out on their arse. Preferably in the winter.

The maid was beginning to whimper. “Ardith,” he commanded. She rolled out of Maebh’s embrace and grabbed her brush. Dropping to her knees behind the maid, she eased the brush handle up into the girl, who gasped around Grimme’s cod. Grimme could see her arse pumping against the brush that Ardith was working and feel her mouth at the same time.

No, Grimme simply did not care enough about his women’s squabbles to get in the middle of them, and he was certain Brìghde could go to war with all four of them at once and win. He did not have to worry about her reception so long as he didn’t have to listen to it.

The maidservant (whose name Grimme did not know, or care about) got her release and her gasps against his cod were pleasant.

“Don’t stop,” he warned coolly when she gave in to the throes of her ecstasy and completely abandoned him.

“Aye, my lord,” she gasped and went back to her job.

Ardith went back to bed, the brush abandoned on the floor, her hips swaying, to be welcomed back into Maebh’s awaiting arms. They wrapped themselves up together to watch Grimme’s pleasure. They were a beautiful sight, sitting there in the middle of the bed, acting the veriest of lovers, kissing softly, watching, fondling each other’s breasts and nethers.

Grimme was not going to get his release with this maid’s mouth and he pushed her away, then snapped his fingers at the bed. “Maebh.”

She scrambled off the bed and scurried toward him. He twirled his finger to make her turn around before impaling herself on Grimme’s cod. He grasped her hips to keep her from moving and she sunk her entire weight onto his hips. He gently nudged her until she was doubled over her knees, and released immediately.

He sat still. When Maebh would have taken herself away, he barked, “Stay until I tell you you may go.”

They sat that way for a long time, so long that Ardith got bored and bade her maid to pleasure her with the brush. Grimme watched whilst Maebh hung limp from Grimme’s cod as if she were a fish, hooked.

He stirred again, as he had known he would, and slowly grew until he filled Maebh yet again.

He put household matters out of his mind and spent the rest of the night getting his cod stroked and sucked by his women. He ordered the maid to fetch Dillena, who did not like such activities. He didn’t care. She joined in more or less enthusiastically, and at some point, he lost track of which woman did what, nor did he care.

It simply didn’t matter.

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