Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl so far this year. Well, I mean, there was that homework assignment I didn’t help my kid with in time. And, um, I kinda sorta strayed away from my diet. Once. Okay, twice. Anyhoo.

9780140911664hDown below, I asked for 6 more hours in a day and the ability to not to have to sleep. That’s my number one and number two wishes for Christmas. You’re magic. You can do that.

Now, I must have this:

Penguin Classics The Arabian Nights gift set.

Okay, now, I know that you’ll have to make a stop in England to get it, but you’re going there first anyway, right? Just pick it up for me while you’re there filling stockings and such.

Yes, I KNOW it’s paper!

What’s that? Oh. Well, I DO adore e-books, Santa. But I also adore paper books. Just not…mass market paperbacks. I’d much rather read an e-book than a mass market paperback.

And look at it. Isn’t it GORGEOUS???

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