Magdalene: a contest and a prize

Magdalene, the third book in the Dunham series, will be released on Sunday, April 24, 2011. This is the last book in the series with contemporary characters; book four, Dunham, is an historical and book five, tentatively titled Delilah, is post-apocalypse.

For this, I thought it would be fun to have a contest. The grand prize winner will receive an Easter basket full of goodies pertaining mostly to Magdalene, and five runners up will win a trilogy ebook. Here’s the grand prize:

(Click to make big; a couple of the items are not shown.)

1. Print copies of The Proviso, Stay, and Magdalene, all signed,

2. Two canisters of Jacques Torres hot chocolate (one milk and one spicy),

3. Magdalene mug and mousepad,

4. One new CD of Carmina Burana,

5. A thumb drive with all three books plus their playlists,


6. A super secret and sexy prize hinting at what Mitch and Cassie might have done in a scene I never wrote…

…all in a nice Easter basket that will arrive at the grand prize winner’s doorstep at least a week before the release date. (Even if you live out of the country. I can do that. Because I’m in charge.)

2011-04-04 UPDATE: I failed to remember that many of the songs on the playlists are full albums, so instead of burning them to the stick, and in addition to Carmina Burana (orchestral version), these will be included as full (new) CDs: The Piano (Michael Nyman), Messiah (Handel), Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky), and the Rach 3 (Rachmaninoff). (Unfortunately, the chamber version of Carmina Burana that I have is an import and very hard to get.)

The five runners up will receive their ebooks at the close of the contest.

But every contest has rules, right?

1. Post about Magdalene and link to this blog post anywhere on the web.

2. Come back here and comment on where you posted it.

3. The more places you link from, the more chances you have to win. (One link per comment.)

4. The contest runs through midnight, April 10, 2011, US Central Daylight Saving Time (Chicago).

5. If you’re related to me or you worked on the book, you’re not eligible. I will know who you are. *ahemDudeahem*

That’s it.

I’ll use to pick the grand prize winner and five runners up.


As about 4 of you know, The Proviso goes on sale tomorrow. So to celebrate that (’cause, you know, I don’t drink and can’t share champagne virtually anyway), here’s a contest!

Three print copies of The Proviso (huge honker, too) and 5 ebook copies will be awarded to randomly chosen commenters who answer the following questions:

1. What literary character [uh, other than Mr. Darcy 😉 ] would you most want to meet and/or know–you know, Biblically?

2. If you have a favorite piece of artwork, what is it? (If you don’t, that’s okay! Just say so!)

3. Do you like blond heroes?

4a. Have you ever been to Kansas City? OR

4b. If you live in Kansas City, what’s your favorite part of town?

5. Paper or electrons?

Contest ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m. CST. Winners will be chosen randomly by and announced Tuesday.

So, you 4 who read this blog, go find 4 friends who’ll pad the comments, ’kay?

(An honest review would be greatly appreciated, but not expected.)