In defense of ugly jackets

(Or, if I were Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter.)

Do you see this jacket? It’s an Armani jacket. [beat]

I got this at the Goodwill for $12.50.What do you think it retails for? $5,000? $7,000? That’s what Donald Trump pays for his designer suits. [beat] [audience boos]

$10,000? No. It retails for $12,495.00. [beat] [audience boos]

But I paid $12.50 for it. Why? Because it’s ugly. I went to Goodwill and I had so much to choose from, an abundance of jackets, but I chose this one. Why? Because it was the most attractive one there. [beat] [audience laughs]

Would you wear this jacket outside the house? No. Nobody with good taste would. It’s warm, I’ll give you that. And roomy. Look how roomy it is. It’s well made. It is an Armani, after all. But it’s ugly. Not only wouldn’t you wear this outside the house, you wouldn’t wear it to a job interview.

Yet that’s what most of you, our working women today, have to choose from: ugly, uglier, and ugliest. [beat] [audience laughs]

You work hard to feed your families, to keep a roof over your heads. You sacrifice your needs for your children the best you can. You might go without eating because you gave the last of it to your children, without sleeping because you’re working two jobs to make what a man would make with one job, without love because you’re too tired to invest yourself in a relationship with a person who loves you. But no matter what you sacrifice, it’s never enough, is it? [beat] [audience shouts NO]

The light bill has to be paid. You’re living paycheck-to-paycheck because you aren’t being paid the same as the men and you look for a future where you fight to be paid what you deserve. You’re more qualified. You’re being overlooked and overworked. You decide—because you are a powerful woman who can set her own path [beat] [audience cheers]

—to find a new job. A better job. A job you deserve where you will be valued and paid what a man would be paid for the same job. You have an interview and now you have a dilemma: You don’t have appropriate interview clothes. You spent the last you had to feed your children and your next paycheck isn’t until next Friday.

So you borrow a few dollars and head to the thrift store to find an interview outfit. You look and look and look and you realize that your best option is … this.

This well-made designer jacket that retails for $12,500 but was given to Goodwill because it’s ugly and does not project the image of the powerful women you really are. It doesn’t say, “I deserve this job because I’m the best qualified.” It says, “I’m a schlub.” It doesn’t say, “I deserve this job because I’m calm, cool, and collected and can manage crises extraordinarily well.” It says, “I’m useless.”

You know the value of a dollar. You have to because you aren’t making as much as men do for the same job, and minimum wage just isn’t enough to feed your family anymore. I have dedicated my life to ensuring that all hardworking Americans have the chance to succeed, no matter their circumstances.

I have led the charge for equal pay for equal work. [beat]

I have expanded access to early childhood education and healthcare. [beat]

I have worked tirelessly to raise the minimum wage and advocate for out-of-work Americans because I believe that every American should have the right to achieve economic security and income opportunity. [beat]

You’ve been in this ugly jacket for too long. You deserve better than this jacket. You deserve to be paid what men are paid for the same job and you deserve better than minimum wage!

Of malcontents, futility, and funny prostitutes

Sisyphus-264x3002We are Sisyphus.

But the truth is that I am just really tired. Perhaps the vacuum in affect attested to by the accumulation of emoticons and emojis has little to do with the flattening effect of digital communication. Maybe feelings are simply exhausted.

For those of you who’ve read The Proviso, you know that a company gets restructured. I had some certain goals with the re-edit of it. One of the things my characters did was to block email at the server level between the hours of 6pm and 9am and on the weekends. (No, I didn’t know about the French ban on email when I rewrote the section.) I don’t really know if that would help, to be honest.

I’m a productive person, but I have to be in the zone. Email bites, but it’s the sole source of my income, so I can’t flake on it. When I have to do email, I do it all in one shot (hopefully all on the same day). The real problem is with followup …

Granny Clampett moved to NYC.

Being, as I am, a complete pussy about heights, this would freak me right the hell out.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

As the subpoena turns.

I did not get a DoJ subpoena, but I did comment in the original thread and many gold-plated bricks were shat. So I’ve been paying more attention to the fine print of the legalities (which really helps soothe those I-shoulda-gone-to-law-school meltdowns because it’s dizzying), and I’m emotionally invested in it.

The original post that got the “Woodchipper 6” (as the Reason commentariate now calls them), was about the Dread Pirate Roberts/Silk Road decision, handed down by Justice Katherine Forrest, who has such a raging hateboner for him that she sentenced him to life in prison, which was more than the prosecutors asked for. Judge Forrest:

“The stated purpose [of the Silk Road] was to be beyond the law. In the world you created over time, democracy didn’t exist. You were captain of the ship, the Dread Pirate Roberts,” she told Ulbricht as she read the sentence, referring to his pseudonym as the Silk Road’s leader. “Silk Road’s birth and presence asserted that its…creator was better than the laws of this country. This is deeply troubling, terribly misguided, and very dangerous.”

She says that like it’s a bad thing. And now we know what happens to smart-mouthed kids who diss a judge who sends people to life imprisonment because they got a little uppity*. This country was founded by malcontents who would have been hanged for their “crimes.” #TeamWoodchipper

*So speaking of uppity: School Won’t Let 4.3 GPA Student Give Valedictorian Speech, Made Him Take Psych Eval Instead. And then they doubled down. Bastards.

I really hate it when my kid gets uppity, but he’s 9, and I’m trying to teach him there is a time and a place and a compelling purpose for uppitiness. Random uppitiness serves no purpose. This kid was far from random and I feel for him.

And now, I bring to you the obligatory pot-and-prostitutes report (pot not included with purchase, sorry): Kaytlin Bailey is a former sex worker, now a stand up comic, with a story to tell.


The Mojo and Tupper Show

So I got a new gig, which I might be able to keep for a couple of weeks before I get fired. I’m gonna be on the (web) radio! The deets:

Wednesday nights (for now), 11pm EST, on, The Mojo and Tupper Show:

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed the following:

One cup Female
One cup Male
Three Tablespoons Conservatism
One Tablespoon Humor
One Teaspoon Kink
One Teaspoon Risque
Mixed very well

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out! Join Moriah Jovan and Bryan Tupper as they explore the darker side of politics – and life. Nothing’s off limits, until someone calls out the “safe word” – not that anyone’s really sure what that is anyway!

Thanks to John Grant and Liz Harrison for making it happen! If you tune in tomorrow night, you’ll hear either the most brilliant smutty politics ever or our souls shattering in abject humiliation.

Men who hate women

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Dude and I went to see this movie for his birthday. I haven’t been interested in reading the books because a) I’m not a thriller/mystery fan and b) haven’t had time to devote to sampling genres I’m not usually interested in. I’m still not interested in reading the books, because I either read the book or see the movie, but not both. (I got burned in the Bonfire of the Vanities.) I am interested in seeing the Swedish version.

mraynes at Exponent II has an excellent post up about the exposition of misogyny in the book/movie.

Ironically, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo phenomenon is a prime example of how our society hides from the culture of violence against women. In the original Swedish version, Stieg Larsson titled the book “Man som hatar kvinnor” or “Men who hate women.” Believing that such a title would turn readers off, American publishers renamed the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, changing the emphasis away from violent misogyny to the physical body of the (anti)heroine. This alone speaks volumes about our society. Instead of dealing with the discomfort that in fact, some men do hate women, publishers felt that the only way to sell books was to objectify and sexualize the female protagonist.

Please read the whole post.

This brought to mind a blog post by a Cale McCaskey, ostensibly ripping on romance novels, but really ripping on women, and after I read mraynes’s post, I realized: This is the mindset. Taken by itself, his opinion is irrelevant and he’s a woman-hating man who is single and likely to remain that way.

However, how many WOMEN have I heard over the years say the same thing with regard to romance novels and the women who read them? To hear WOMEN talk about the women who read romance novels, we’re all a bunch of fat Peggy Bundys who, instead of earning advanced degrees, becoming Important People, tending to our hearths with the efficiency of Martha Stewart or a Mormon cupcake baker on Ritalin, or fighting against [patriarchy, white privilege, male privilege, rape culture, insert philosophy of choice].

It is not rapists and abusers alone who silence and hide victims. It is we, society, in our unwillingness to stare evil in the face, name it, and confront it. Until we acknowledge culpability within our culture of violence against women, our daughters, sisters and ourselves will be at risk.

Some men hate women. But so do some very vocal women. Women need to look to themselves concerning their own misogyny.


Sarah Palin, round 2

So now that I’ve cooled off, numerous conservative tweeters apologized and deleted their tweets, Mike Cane and Aaron Worthing and Patterico came to my defense, and Fox News didn’t completely trash me, I feel like I can stand down.

What I should’ve said was:

or some variant thereof that was still sarcastic enough to get the point across.

(The “What if she’s next?” part is me displaying my mad Pshop skillz.)

Do I really think conservatism is dead? I don’t know. I struggle with it on a daily basis, and have for several years. However, the many tweeters who sent me nastytweets (save one, who apparently wanted me to sign away my citizenship), who then listened to me, then apologized, retracted/deleted their tweets with my name, and were willing to spread the word made me rethink it.

Despite my tagline, I really don’t often talk politics here on the blog. I leave that to my characters to do for me. But now that you know who I am and where you can find me, maybe you’ll stick around a while.

And I’m pretty sure y’all can find my Twitter name…