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My relationship with food is like having an abusive ex-boyfriend: He keeps coming back and coming back, Read more [...]
PASO DOBLE & WE WERE GODS go on sale today! The print books are available at Amazon, Read more [...]
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I'm asking a question, but I'm not sure I'll understand any responses I'll get. A long time ago, I Read more [...]
That awkward moment when you're a book designer and you design your own books and the print is even too Read more [...]
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You may have noticed. I have some things on my mind I've wanted to discuss, but my attention span Read more [...]
Paso Doble & We Were Gods May 1, 2014 from May 1, 2014 - May 15, 2014 the ebooks will be $1.99 Read more [...]
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More bullshit masquerading as inspirational quotes. If you give up, it means you never wanted it. I Read more [...]
Tess: “You know this makes us like all the evil meddling parents in all those novels who pay off the Read more [...]
“I,” Emilio said to his youngest brother, “am a manslut. That is a direct quote. Don’t be that. Read more [...]
The problem with exhibitionism is that sometimes people watch. —Tess LaMontagne We Were Gods Read more [...]
I don't like Facebook. I never did. I wouldn't even get on it to talk to my relatives. There was always Read more [...]
“You’ve been smooth as a baby’s butt since you were gored three years ago,” Victoria said. “You’re Read more [...]
I have been increasingly frustrated with the way Facebook has been hiding what I post from people who Read more [...]
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Someone sent me to an interesting article on a book I haven’t read, The Revolt of the Masses by José Read more [...]
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