The Mojo and Tupper Show

So I got a new gig, which I might be able to keep for a couple of weeks before I get fired. I’m gonna be on the (web) radio! The deets:

Wednesday nights (for now), 11pm EST, on, The Mojo and Tupper Show:

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed the following:

One cup Female
One cup Male
Three Tablespoons Conservatism
One Tablespoon Humor
One Teaspoon Kink
One Teaspoon Risque
Mixed very well

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out! Join Moriah Jovan and Bryan Tupper as they explore the darker side of politics – and life. Nothing’s off limits, until someone calls out the “safe word” – not that anyone’s really sure what that is anyway!

Thanks to John Grant and Liz Harrison for making it happen! If you tune in tomorrow night, you’ll hear either the most brilliant smutty politics ever or our souls shattering in abject humiliation.

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