Printgasm BINGO

I totally don’t blame Scalzi for being sick of the arguments for self/digital publishing. I self/digital publish and I’m sick of the evangelizing, too. (Because most of the arguments are just shitty logic.)


There’s another side of the Electronic Publishing BINGO card: Printgasm BINGO, for those who believe that reading ebooks is just one step away from civilization sliding back into the primordial ooze.

3 thoughts on “Printgasm BINGO”

  1. I’m afraid quite a few of those apply to me. Especially the “You’ll pry my print books from my cold, dead hands.”

    Apart from my whole financial issues- (I don’t have an ebook reader and as soon as I get one I’ll NEED to buy 30 or so of my all time favorites so I can read them on it. I know myself enough to know how I work.) I also just process books in print differently. I can find a passage easily if I’m looking for something in a print book, “It was about x pages in and on the right/left page” whereas in an ebook finding a particular part may take 30 minutes. ugh

  2. Oh also – I read in the bathtub. If an accident happens to a paper book I’m out $15 at the most. If an accident happens to an electronic reader…

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