I like real books

I like them on my wall

I like them in my hand

(I like them in the bathroom)

I like them on my H: drive

I like them in the car

I like them in a queue

I like them on my laptop

I like them on a shelf

I like them on my keychain

I like them in a library

I like them in English

I like them in bed

I like them on my netbook

I’d like them on a slate, but they’re too heavy.



What is a “real” book, anyway?

“Real” book. As if reading words and being entertained and/or instructed isn’t the point of the damn thing.


7 thoughts on “I like real books”

  1. We’re simply in a paradigm change time and have to live through it (at least in the technological world). I wonder what the papyrus or wax tablet people said about paper, or the handwritten book people said about the printing press ^^.

  2. You are so right, Estara. I was just highly irritated at only the 1,482th time I’d heard that.

    This week.

  3. For a similar purpose I have designed and bought a stamp that goes into every student’s exercise book who falls under that irritating re-occurring excuse for not having his stuff prepared for school.

    Make a stamp for that (or alternatively a .gif, etc.) and paste it into every comment thread where you get the irritation served.

    This tactic has helped keep me sane and non-murderous.

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