So I got a new gig, which I might be able to keep for a couple of weeks before I get fired. I'm gonna Read more [...]
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Dude and I went to see this movie for his birthday. I haven't been Read more [...]
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So now that I've cooled off, numerous conservative tweeters apologized and deleted their tweets, Mike Read more [...]
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I've been accused of having wished for Sarah Palin's death and/or threatening her life because of this Read more [...]
(...who would know this blog existed if you ever bothered to come talk to us...) We are not obligated Read more [...]
I'm in the middle of writing Magdalene, book 3 in my series. If you're passingly familiar with Christian Read more [...]
If you remember, about 100 years ago in blog time, Eugene got lambasted all over the bloggernacle for Read more [...]
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Neo-libertarian. That's me, according to Here I am on the graph, apparently a Read more [...]
XX and XY Tax Deductions notwithstanding... I have projects. I adore projects. Alas, I am only one Read more [...]
In case anybody missed it, I'm a Libertarian. Now, RJ Keller got me started and of course, it doesn't Read more [...]
I've had a lot on my mind lately that I haven't been able to untangle, much less unpack on an issue-by-issue Read more [...]
"Marriage" is an ancient artificial construct that, in modern US society with no property rights attached Read more [...]
McCain hasn't been my favorite person in the world for going on about ten years now, so I was looking Read more [...]
I play with boys. Always have. I was the Batgirl and Princess Leia to my cohorts' Batman, Robin, Luke Read more [...]
Haven't talked about politics much, have I? Yeah. There's a reason for that: I'm pretty burnt out. Barack Read more [...]