Like, by somebody else. (Inorite?) So Freya's Bower (one of the veteran epublishers in the landscape) Read more [...]
I like them on my wall I like them in my hand (I like them in the bathroom) I like them on my H: drive I Read more [...]
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I got a Kindle. I know. Go ahead and laugh or faint or whatever. I'll wait until you've got yourself Read more [...]
You will notice I haven't been posting much at all, much less my thoughts on ebooks and publishing. Wanna Read more [...]
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But does it have wings? Not only is it not a unicorn, it's not even a Pegasus. . . . . . . . . . . . . Read more [...]
The Pareto Principle. Also known as the 80/20 rule, wherein 80% of sales are generated by 20% of the Read more [...]
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Want an ebook reader but can't stomach the prices either for the devices, the data plans, or the ebooks? Get Read more [...]
Can we find a word other than "book" as a descriptive for the digital version of glue-and-paper? The Read more [...]
I haven't read any more on the Asus since my last post about it. However, it recently paid for itself Read more [...]
I haven't used my eBookWise in a while. I've been reading *gasp* paper and on my Asus EeePC in my recliner. Read more [...]
Some time back ago, I said I wanted an Asus EeePC to read digital books because it was kind of an all-purpose Read more [...]
I went over to Cedar Fort's blog to look at stuff. Right off the bat, there are two books I wanted to Read more [...]
In case nobody's noticed, my Perfect Bookstore post has garnered a wee bit of attention here and there Read more [...]
Saturday night was the "Oscars" for romance, which is called RITA (no idea what that stands for, if anything). Read more [...]
Finally! After six months, unceasing wailing, and a solid refusal to censor myself, The Proviso was Read more [...]